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Two Methods of Raising Seedlings

At present, there are two mainstream seedling raising methods, one is dry seedling raising using plastic seedling trays, and the other is hydroponic floating seedling raising using EPS foam seedling trays.

7 Days to Grow High-quality Fodder

The vertical planting not only saves Land resources, saving time and labor, high planting yield. The pasture is mainly wheat, which can grow 15-20 centimeters in 7 days, saving feed costs and water resources. The cost of producing such maltgrass is less than 1 cent per kilogram.

What kind of plants can a plant factory grow?

Most people would probably answer the higher yielding leafy vegetables. However, 5 categories over 130 types of plants have entered the plant factory currently.

Mobile Plant Factory - Planting Options in Extreme Environments

A 40-foot container can plant 5,000 leafy vegetables, which is equivalent to the output of two acres of land, and one crop can be harvested in 28 days. Mobile plant factories are a good choice for planting in extreme environments.

Can Vertical Farming Hold up the Future of Farming?

Vertical farming heralds a future where our food may be grown in small spaces in our cities and under our feet. But can it really hold up the future of farming? How far can it go?

Ebb and flow table can Increase flower production by 2-4 times

Ebb and flow table growing system can solve the contradiction between irrigation and oxygen supply, and it is an agricultural technology worthy of promotion and application.

The method of growing seedlings in substrate plug trays

Calculate the number of plugs used according to the cultivation area, select a suitable plug tray, arrange and disinfect the mixing site

Advantages of Vertical Planting - Strawberries

vertical planting is a planting method in which two or more crops are planted on the same farmland in a multi-level and time-based manner.

Pepper Transplanting Management

The seedling period reaches 55--60 days. Peppers grow 7-10 true leaves. After the late frost, the soil temperature at a depth of 5 cm is stable above 15°C and can be planted.

Pepper Seedling Management

The quality of pepper growth depends on whether there are strong seedlings planted at the beginning

Pepper Transplanting Management

Pepper Transplanting Management

2022-12-27 21:27:10



The seedling period reaches 55--60 days. Peppers grow 7-10 true leaves. The planting period of spring pepper is determined according to the local temperature conditions. After the late frost, the soil temperature at a depth of 5 cm is stable above 15°C and can be planted.

Preparation before transplanting
A. Apply base fertilizer
It is best to choose plots without large-scale occurrence of bacterial wilt, blight and other soil-borne diseases for planting peppers, and then do a good job of fertilizing the site. In order to ensure the nutritional needs of peppers in the whole cycle, the team of Henan Functional Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. recommends that each mu of land Apply 1 bag of potassium sulfate balanced compound fertilizer + 1 bag of biological bacteria organic fertilizer to improve the soil environment, remove toxic and harmful substances in the soil, resist heavy cropping, and resist soil-borne diseases. Then mix the base fertilizer with the soil and plow about 20 cm deep.

B. Soil preparation
Combining fertilization and plowing, do a good job of leveling the land, so that the soil can reach the level where there is no rubbish, the ground is flat and no potholes, and then furrows and ridges are made.


Management and precautions before and after transplanting

a. Two days before planting, the seedbed should be watered once to promote the emergence of new roots and facilitate the emergence of seedlings. Watering can be used together with hymexazol to prevent pepper root rot. When raising seedlings, bring as much soil as possible to minimize root damage.

b. Planting water Immediately after the peppers are planted, pour the planting water again, which can increase the survival rate of planting, promote the early growth of pepper seedlings, accelerate the rooting, and promote the return of seedlings.

c. Aphids often gather on the back of pepper leaves to suck the juice, causing the leaves to shrink. At the same time, as the aphids move in the field, they will also spread pepper mosaic virus disease, resulting in reduced production.



Yuyi microgreen plug trays can be used for indoor seed starting.